Maintenance Info


We want to maintain our beautiful streetscape. That means picking up litter and placing it in trash baskets, picking up after dogs, etc. The City depends on us to inform them when things are not as we would like them. Do not assume that someone else has already reported.

• For most issues such as landscape maintenance, broken sprinklers, trash bin pickup, doggie station refill, swings/benches repair call Landscape//Parks at 941-954-4105.*

• For Street Light Repair call 941-365-7870* Reference locations by using the numbers on the light posts. You’ll find them on the bottom.

• For Storm Drains/Water Flooding call the County at 941-861-5000*

For non-emergency landscaping issues, including requested changes to streetscape planting, email Judy Mower, Streetscape committee chairperson.

Please note that streetscape property is commonly on both sides of the sidewalk. Before making landscaping changes on the building side of the sidewalk on your property, please contact Judy Mower at the email below.

GGP Streetscape Committee Chair is Judy Mower (