1955       An Association (“Community Association”) is founded as a Florida not-for-profit corporation in response to property owners wanting The Point to remain a beautiful, friendly and interesting community. It is one of the first non-profit community associations in Florida.

1957       Former streets named Riviera, Gulf and Sunset Drives are changed to Golden Gate Point Drive.

1959       Lighted neon sign is erected at entrance.

1960       Improved street signs are installed with expense shared by City and Community Association.

1963      Community Association successfully battles an undesirable zoning variance.

1966       In June, Hurricane Alma damages property, including entrance sign.

1968       Community Association begins effort to have traffic light installed on Gulfstream Avenue at entrance to The Point.

1972       Streets are repaved.

1973       Community Association creates flower bed on vacant lot near entrance.

1974       Canary Inland Date Palms along right-of-way sprayed to prevent damage by borers.

1975       Halloween pranksters damage sign; lighting discontinued.

1976       U.S. Postal box is moved inside The Point.

1977       Community Association successful in prompting DOT to erect DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION sign on Gulfstream Ave. outside the entrance.

1978       City asks Community Association to conduct survey concerning traffic control and density.  Association reports 680 apartments and 1447 people living on The Point.

1980       DOT reports that installation of a traffic light at the entrance cannot be justified.

1981        DOT reduces speed limit near entrance to The Point, installs warning flashing signal, closes median strip and erects lane-changing signals.

1982       Community Association begins working to stop growth of Marina Jack operation in the direction of The Point.

1984       Cactus garden replaces flower garden in vacant lot near entrance.

1987       Community Association successful in preventing zoning changes at west side of entrance.

1989       City Parks Dept informs Community Association that FPL needs to cut down all the Canary Island Date Palms on the right-of-way that have grown into the power lines.

1990       Community Association joins 19 other city neighborhoods to form Coalition of City Neighborhood Associations.

1991        The city plants 6 Canary Island Date Palms at entrance to Golden Gate Point after months of negotiations.

 1992      The Community Association erects a wooden “Golden Gate Point” sign at the entrance to The Point.

 1993      Golden Gate Point finally gets its traffic light, marking the end of a 25-year “battle” for a safer entrance.

1994       The Community Association sponsors a flea market to raise funds to preserve the John Ringling Towers.

1995       Three new buildings enhance the beauty of The Point; Hassan Manor, Alta Mer & Renaissance.

1997       The first annual Golden Gate Point picnic is held 10-20-97 at the City Park on the west side of GGP. 

               The first issue of the quarterly GGP Newsletter is published.

1999       The Phoenix is added to the Point.

2001 Articles of Incorporation of the current Golden Gate Point Association, Inc. a Florida Not-For-Profit corporation are filed on February 19. This marks the beginning of the present Golden Gate Point Association (“GGPA”)

2002       Planning and discussion is started with city to beautify GGP streetscape. The new John Ringling Bridge is taking shape.

2003       Association hires landscape architects and engineers to design street improvements.

2004       Association prepares to petition the city to undertake street improvements.

2005       Majestic Bay and Grande Riviera are completed.

                On December 13, 2005, GGP holds a public vote to approve the streetscape bond issue of $5.8 million.

2006       La Bellasara is completed.  Harbor View is renovated.

                City hires engineering firm to design streetscape improvements.

                Newspaper racks are moved around the corner.

2009       Implementation of the Streetscape Project to burry utilities, re-landscape, and make many other improvements.

                The streetscape celebration was November 14th.

2010        Implemented first Web site. Installed Christmas lights. Created the Landscape Committee.

2011         Identified Building Captains. Documented GGP History.

                First condo association pays GGPA dues for their residents. Hassan Manor became Toscano.

2012        Installed first seasonal banners.

2013        Defeated a proposal for tandem parking.

                Removed the last telephone poles.

                Dedicated the Historical Marker on Gulf Stream Blvd.

2014        Replaced solar bricks. Held first gathering.

2017 Hurricane Irma topples trees and leaves significant debris. City does initial clean up; GGPA removes debris covering storm drains to prevent flooding.

2018 One88 and Aqua are completed.