Alta Mer (306 GGP) welcomed GGPA members at the June 23rd Meet and Greet.  GGPA
members enjoyed the views from the rooftop of Alta Mer, along with hors-d'oeuvres and the company of neighbors!   Thanks to Alta Mer for their gracious hospitality.

July 4th fireworks displays!     Photos courtesy of Jim McEntyre, MD.   Thanks Jim!

News & Events

GGP Owners to see tax savings from refinancing of bond for GGP Special Taxing District.
City Manager Tom Barwin announced that the City recently refinanced the remaining $2.7 million of the $5.8 million General Obligation Bonds Series 2008 for the GGPA special taxing district (streetscape). When issued 8 year ago, the bond rate was 3.93%--  the rate has now dropped to 1.74%  That translates into savings for the GGPA taxing district--- through maturity a total savings of almost $300,000. with a net present value of $272,000- a 10.32% reduction.  GGPA thanks Tom Barwin and Finance Director John Lege and his team for finding these savings which will benefit GGPA taxpayers. 

GGP Gets a Front Row Seat for the July 4th fireworks!  

GGPA Board Meeting Saturday,       September 17, 2016  
(Location to be Announced) 

Meet and Greet-   June 23, 2016  See Photos    

Site Plan Approval Granted for 609 Golden Gate Point
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January 16, 2016 Annual Meeting.      The annual meeting of the GGP Association was held at the Bird Key Yacht Club on Saturday, January 16, 2016 at 9:30 am.  Over 50 GGPA members attended and heard Michael Klauber and Virginia Haley speak about plans for the former Quay and GWiz properties.  
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October 13, 2015
GGPA members meet with city officials about resurfacing and traffic on Route 41
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