In 2001, the Golden Gate Point Association was formed. Thereafter, the GGPA and City of Sarasota entered into a public/private partnership which resulted in a streetscape project for a redesigned the roadway with new bricks, lighting, waterlines, underground utilities, plantings, mailboxes, swings, doggie stations and other amenities.   

This streetscape was completed in 2009 after years of work by many dedicated GGP residents and city officials.  

The Association acknowledges and is grateful for the efforts of all of those who worked to create the beautiful GGP streetscape. 

GGP resident and architect Brent Parker (136 GGP, Phoenix) spearheaded the community’s efforts, along with tireless work, commitment and efforts of other community members.

Groundbreaking was held on Saturday, September 20, 2008.

Mayor Lou Ann Palmer addressing the neighborhood, with Vice-        mayor Ken Shelin and commissioner Richard Clapp (L to R).

Chairman of Streetscape Brent Parker with neighborhood


Streetscape Photos