President's LettER

Welcome to Golden Gate Point!

     A Golden Gate Point homeowners’ association was founded in 1955-- the first not-for-profit entity filed at the request of property owners in Florida.  Our present neighborhood association, the Golden Gate Point Association (“the Association”), was revitalized and incorporated in 2001.

     The Association’s purpose was to “maintain Golden Gate Point as a beautiful, friendly and safe place to live.”   The Association’s other purposes were “to inform and debate the topics of interest with its membership and to engage in civic activities.”   Our goals are to protect our neighborhood by assuring proper zoning, maintaining the streetscape right of way, encouraging beautification of private property and understanding and informing residents of city and county issues that affect us.

     The Association has over 240 members.   Our Association Board of Directors meets monthly about 10 months a year.   We convey information about the Association, its members, and issues affecting Golden Gate Point in our emails to members, through our Building Liaisons (representatives of multi-unit properties who attend Board meetings), and through a membership directory.   We schedule sunset get togethers and informational meetings.

     We can thank many current and former Association members who were here in the mid-2000’s and worked tirelessly to achieve our stunning Streetscape.   The Streetscape, completed in 2008, was financed by a newly created special taxing district of the city.  The taxes levied through this special taxing district also finance the maintenance and upkeep of the Streetscape.   The Association communicates with the City on behalf of our membership about the Streetscape and important issues affecting residents of Golden Gate Point.

     Golden Gate Point is a special part of Sarasota.    We are blessed with a prime location  -- close to downtown Sarasota with great views of our turquoise bay and lively intracoastal waterway.   We are close to St. Armand’s Circle and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, great museums and theaters and all that that Sarasota has to offer.

    We welcome owners and residents of Golden Gate Point to join the Association-- see the "Join" section of this website or email us at

    If you'd like to become active in the GGPA, please let us know as well.    We are glad to have others join our efforts to keep Golden Gate Point a great place for us to live. 

     Joan Lovell, President