128 Vista Bay Point  

Vista Bay Point was developed by Jim Bridges of Jebco Ventures.  The architect was Brent Parker and the contractor was Trammell Crow.  It was completed in 2004.

Jim Bridges notes that during the initial design, Brent Parker considered various options for the site, which is a long narrow lot.   A single building would have created a long wall.  Instead a single base was created for entry, parking and amenities elements.   Then two independent towers were designed, rising out of the base, and were shaped and modeled to maximize the view from both buildings. Jim notes that this architectural concept improved views for both the residences within and for the surrounding neighbors-- the two towers with significant space between created an open presentation as well as a single unit per floor, with views in all four directions.  Although the original design consisted of 17 units, two of the top units were purchased and converted into one town home.

Jim Bridges and his wife, Ronna, continue to reside in Vista Bay, and Jim’s company, Jebco Ventures, is planning construction of Allure townhouses across the street on GGP’s interior lots.   Other residents include Building Captains and longtime GGPA officers and directors Beverly Albertson and Phil Segerstrom.

306 Alta Mer

Alta Mer is a six unit condo designed by architect Michael Adams.  It was developed in 1996 by Mike Adams, Dr. Bill Belmont and Ted Morton (1925-2010)  of Morton’s Markets.  The Adams', Belmonts and Watermeiers were among the original residents of Alta Mer and continue to reside there today.  Denise worked tirelessly on the 2005-2009 streetscape project and serves as a GGPA officer.  Alta Mer has hosted GGPA events on its roof with views of the bay and city skyline.   All Alta Mer owners are members of the GGP Association.  The Building Captain is Stephie Safford Fleming.