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The meeting was attended by more than 50 residents. Also in attendance were
Alex Davis-shaw City Engineer; representatives of Wilson Miller, the firm
hired to do construction; representatives of landscaping firm Dave Johnston
and our City Commissioner Mary Ann Servian.

President Watermeier reviewed our project and Brent Parker discussed the
purpose of the meeting and introduced our guests. After their presentations,
the meeting will be open for questions and answers. Mitch McKnight, project
engineer for Wilson Miller, explained the final concept plan to be
discussed. The plan uses two 11 foot driving lanes, 17 foot perpendicular
parking and landscaping areas and 7 foot sidewalks on both sides of the
street (excluding the area in front of Pier 550). The street will be curved
to slow down traffic and present attractive vistas during drive. There will
be a three way stop sign at “stem” area to provide safe pedestrian traffic.
The streets will be paved with bricks to match those used on Ritz Carlton
street. The sidewalks, gutters and parking areas will be concrete. The plan
features new trash and dog refuse containers, pendant light fixtures, pull
off area close to newspaper rack as well as new underground wiring, sewers
and an irrigation line. McKnight explained that according to city standards
we currently have 81 parking places. In the new plan there is now 124
places, although we will loose several when places for handicapped parking
are included. The majority of the parking is perpendicular but there is
parallel along the back curve of the street. Because the curve does not
allow safe vision to get in and out and in order to maximize parking, the
inside of the North segment was designed with parallel parking. Construction
is scheduled to begin early next year.

Phil Smith from Dave Johnston Landscape architects explained the decorative
and planting concepts. The pendant lights were chosen because they focus
light down and do not shine in windows. He suggested a monument style entry
sign be put in the median in the “stem” part of our road or it could be put
closer to John Ringling Blvd. The planning scheme will unify the area as
well as provide shade, color and a screen to parked cars. He spoke of using
Black Olive and Mahogany trees for shade and palms to provide a tropical
accent. For color he plans to use Gold trees, Pink Trumpet trees and Crepe
Myrtle. There also will be notches in the curbing for unobtrusive parking
for trash receptacles on pick-up days.


1. Has making the street one way had been considered? Brent answered that the
city is against this because people will ignore the proper direction when
they are close to the exit area. Also being one way will not solve any
problems or give us more parking.

2. Why do we need sidewalks on both sides? Because the membership voted for it
at a previous meeting. Again we don't gain any parking by having sidewalks only on one side.

3. Can we get better enforcement of our parking regulations, especially during
construction and for large vehicles like campers or motor homes? The city
will rigidly enforce parking during one of their projects such as this.
Commissioner Servian asked that if anyone had trouble getting enforcement of
public policies that they call her at 400-8521.

4. Will the city do any upkeep on our roads before project starts? Pot holes
will be filled, but rest of monies for upkeep are going into city’s part of
our project.

5. Why not use angle parking as it is easier to get in and out of? Because it
only angles one way and therefore half of drivers will be approaching it
from wrong direction. Also you would loose parking places that way.

6. Will this more narrow road be wide enough for moving vans and other large
trucks? That can be a problem. Traffic will have to move around them as if
on a one way street. There will be a few spaces they can park in.

7. What will be the speed limit? Unless posted it is 30 m.p.h.

8. Are we considering duplicating Ritz wall and signage? Yes that is still
being considered; no decision made yet about where sign will be, but
majority of those present favor it being on the main road.

9. Are the pendant light safe in hurricanes? Can they and the trash
receptacles be antique green? Can we use gas lights? Board will look into
these option and objections.

10. Are the pavers subject to damage? They will have about the same level of
vulnerability to damage as a regular concrete street would.

11. Is it possible that construction could be delayed? All the underground
work has to be done first. If there is a delay there it could effect the
project’s timetable.

12. Who is going to maintaining trash receptacles? The Bond issue covers
this. Each year the Board will meet with city to set cost for maintenance.
This will be added to our tax bill and will extend after the 25 year period
when the bond will be retired.

Plans can be viewed on our web site or on the roof top of the Phoenix.


A discussion was held on whether we want to submit a proposal to the County
to be considered for a neighborhood park. It was unclear whether dogs would
be able to use it. The park would be under county control and they would set
the rules. There was concern about use by others, especially homeless. Also
concern that others using park would also be using our parking places. Carol
Green made a motion that we not submit a proposal. Motion was seconded by
Dick Zoellner. The motion passed.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned

Carol Kopeck